About Us

The Rahway Housing Authority is committed to providing quality, affordable housing that is decent and safe, to eligible families in this community. We strive to make the best use of all available resources so that our residents may live in an environment that is clean and attractive. Our goal is to manage our public housing units in a manner that is consistent with good, financially sound property management practices. By taking advantage of available community and government resources, we intend to provide our residents with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency as we can identify. We endeavor to instill pride and a desire for an enhanced quality of life for our residents and their families. We are committed to serving our residents and this entire community in a manner that demonstrates professional courtesy, respect and caring.

Board of Commissioners

James Pekarofski Chairperson
Robert Simon Vice-Chairperson
Javier Gonzalez Commissioner
Darren Lesinski Commissioner
Mark Ragan Commissioner
Kyle Thomas Commissioner
Aisha Thomas-Petit Commissioner